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Irving Bottle Rose - our private label - is back!! It features delicate fruit, flowers and minerals - dry, easy-drinking perfection from Provence. Check it out!

Join us for our weekly tasting series! Every Wednesday, 6:30pm-8:30pm, we will have samples of a wine or spirit we love. 

  • Wednesday, May 8: Wine tasting with Wild Arc Farm

  • Wednesday, May 15: Wine tasting with Super Glou

  • Wednesday, May 22: Wine tasting with Jenny and Francois Selections

  • Wednesday, May 29:Wine tasting with Verity Wines

  • Wednesday, June 5: Wine tasting with Lightwell Survey Wines

  • Wednesday, June 12: Wine tasting with Maloof Wines and Fossil and Fawn!

  • Wednesday, June 19: Wine tasting with Selection Massale

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